Roots Sweep RB120

  • Sweeping path – Mainbroom only: 850 mm
  • Sweeping path with one side broom: 1200 mm
  • Sweeping path with both side broom: 1550 mm
  • Sweeping performance with one side broom: 9600 m2h
  • Sweeping performance with dual brooms: 12400 m2h
  • Maximum Gradability: 20%
  • Hopper volume: 155 liters
  • Maximum lifting height: 1640 mm
  • Filter surface: 7.1 m²
  • Sound pressure level: 75 dB (A)
  • Water Tank Capacity: 40 liters
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 1915x1250x1640 mm
  • Dead weight: 685 kg

General Overview

The RootsSweep RB120 is a Gen-Nxt sweeping machine with impeccable features.While the wide sweeping path supports faster cleaning, the large hopper ensures continuous sweeping with area performance up to 12,400 m2/h.The ease of use and manoeuvrability allows quick cleaning of the indoor and outdoor area in all premises and supports higher productivity.

The RootsSweep RB120 is a Battery operated compact and user-friendly Ride-on sweeper powered with impeccable features…Some of the Best in class features such as Hydraulic Dumping System,CAN Bus Control with display,Variable Drive Speed,Dust Suppression System,powerful battery pack etc.

Key Features

Superior Performance With Gen Nxt Experience
Sweeping Performance: Designed with superior features, the RootsSweep RB 120 is the ideal choice for customers looking for excellent sweeping performance. While the wide sweeping path and hydraulically operated large hopper support extensive sweeping operation, the water spray system suppresses the flying dust at source and enhances the overall sweeping performance.

Maneuverability & Ease of use: The RootsSweep RB 120 is a compact ride-on sweeper, with a small turning radius (1,800 mm) which makes it an ideally suited sweeping machine for confined areas. An elegantly designed, easy to operate one touch control panel ensures operator’s convenience and effortless functioning every time.

Power Pack: The RootsSweep RB 120 is offered with a powerful 24v 420Ah battery pack and the system supports long working hours. The machine climbs even 20% gradients with ease. The option to choose 24v 480 Ah battery pack is offered to customers who prefer even more extended operation.

Dumping System: The RootsSweep RB 120 is equipped with a hydraulically operated dumping system as standard feature. This supports effortless dumping with a choice of high and low dump options; Enables the operator to discharge the debris directly into bins of different heights up to 1.6m.

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