Roots Rhino RD180

  • Maximum Vehicle Speed (FWD): 16 km/hr
  • Normal Sweeping Speed: 8 to 11 km/hr
  • Clearance Circle Radius: 2380 mm
  • Maximum Gradability: 20 %
  • Sweeping width without side broom: 1400 mm
  • Sweeping width with one side broom: 1850 mm
  • Sweeping Area Performance with one side broom (Practical): 19,425 m² /hr @ 10.5 km/hr
  • Sweeping Area Performance with one side broom (Theoretical): 29,600 m² /hr @ 16 km/hr
  • Engine: Mahindra
  • Type: 575 ELS – Diesel
  • Maximum Power: 35.4 kW / 47.5 HP
  • Steering: Hydraulic Power
  • Filter Surface Area: 18 m²
  • Cleaning Method: Reversible Pulse Jet
  • Service Brake: Hydraulic
  • Parking Brake: Cable / Lever Operated
  • Battery: 12 V / 80 Ah
  • Starter Type: Electric
  • Hopper Volume: 900 Litres
  • Maximum Lift Height: 1820 mm
  • Length (Operation): 3125 mm
  • Width (Operation): 1796 mm
  • Height: 2320 mm
  • Weight: 2860 kg

General Overview

The Rhino RD 180 is the most efficient, extremely durable and Best in class power sweeper designed to withstand challenging working conditions even in Industries with high dust and provide outstanding sweeping results. Ideally suited for extremely harsh conditions prevailing in Cement, Coal, Mining industries, Ports, Manufacturing
industries and foundries.

Powered with impeccable features like Superior Air Purge Filter cleaning system, Class leading large filters, Best in class fuel efficiency, Powerful dual suction impellers and a large hopper. The RD 180 offers the best sweeping performance to the customer. The Robust & Rugged design withstands tough working conditions and offers exceptional performance. RD 180 offers Area Performance up to 19,425 sq./hr with one side Broom.

Key Features

Dust Filter Cleaning System
Technologically superior and most advanced Air Purge based filter cleaning system is In-built in RD 180. Sequential Timer Controlled pulse jet cleaning system. Eliminates the need for Maintenance cleaning (Removing filters and cleaning with compressed Air).

Hopper Capacity
Larger Hopper with 900 lit capacity supports extended operation.

Powerful Shock Absorbers And Suspension
Hydraulically controlled drive wheel with powerful shock absorbers and suspension. The suspension system provides stability and good handling. Easier to operate on rugged roads. Supported by Anti anti-vibration mounted driver’s seat in the cabin.

Pressurized Cabin

  • Fully closed Cabin -Spacious and fully closed pressurized cabin with mini fan is in-built as standard.
  • Helps the operator to work in high dust & extremely challenging environments.

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